Active Learning Centre at Cuffley is more than a traditional outdoor activity centre, with an outstanding level and range of fun, educational experiences.

Contained within an environment of Special Scientific Interest and supported by the highest standard of facilitators, accommodation and nutritious food, the Active Learning Centre provides a dedicated woodland space, thoughtfully and carefully curated to offer our children a unique and diverse experience that they can take with them into the world ahead.

Cuffley specialises in offering Tailored Curriculum learning, providing unique opportunities for using the outdoors environment as an extended classroom to support studies – be that maths, geography, English, history, art or science.

Developing classroom studies in a woodland setting provides additional context and engages children with their learning. Importantly, Cuffley allows for some much-needed ‘breathingspace’ for our children.

The benefits of the outdoors in supporting health and wellbeing are well documented. The structure and layout of Cuffley’s woodlands allows for adventure and mystery, while breaking down traditional boundaries that encourage children to step outside of their comfort zones. Our skilled facilitators guide students through activities to enable them to take ownership. At the heart of character is self-confidence and resilience, which underpins all that we do: we firmly believe that instilling anddeveloping essential skills, character and wellbeing early, impacts children throughout their education and builds a foundation for thriving beyond the world of school.

Accommodation options at Cuffley include camping, a newly created pod village and en-suite indoor bunk rooms. These sit alongside fully equipped classrooms and an impressive central refectory.

Supporting Development

At Cuffley we are focused on using our wonderful environment, activities and people to create high quality learning experiences that support the development of students across the three key areas of essential skills, character and wellbeing.

Essential Skills

By using the Skills Builder Essential Skills Framework we will tailor the activities to focus selected Essential Skills for each course. We will liaise with teachers prior to identify the learning goals and to pitch the reviews following each activity to ensure we maximise the opportunity to let students grow and flourish.


We believe that developing character in students is equally as important as creating a framework for academic success and stimulating a global perspective. At the heart of character is self-confidence together with the ability to bounce back. Our skilled facilitators will guide students through the activities to enable them to take ownership, and we will let students have the space to explore their own boundaries while supporting and coaching throughout.


Research shows that woodlands have a particular advantage over other habitats as their structure and layout allows for greater adventure and mystery. Our beautiful woodland environment is key to maximising the student’s experience and provides the perfect backdrop to the activities and the opportunity for students to explore safely.

Building essential skills is fundamental to a young person’s development. Day and residential courses at Cuffley can incorporate the use of the Skills Builder Framework to deliver adventure and personal development experiences that align with the Skills Builder essential skills –Leadership, Teamwork, Listening, Speaking, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Creativity and Problem Solving. Cuffley’s structured approach uses Skills Builder’s Framework to identify and respond to any gaps in a year group’s skills attainment levels.

To this end Cuffley’s facilitators can liaise with our teachers prior to the trip to ensure that learning goals are clear, and that students grow and flourish. All of these experiences give students the chance to develop skills within a completely different setting which they can then take back and apply in the classroom environment.

Adventure Days

To develop a range of interpersonal and communication skills through a series of fun, engaging and interactive team tasks, which provide students an opportunity to get to know each other while practicing leadership and teamwork skills.   Each practical session will integrate Skills Builder Essential Skills to develop your students’ capabilities and enable them to understand and work together more effectively. Carefully chosen physical and mental challenges give every student a chance to contribute, with long-lasting outcomes that can be built on in future years.

Sample Programme

There are up to four action packed sessions in a one-day course; the adventure activities keep everyone engaged, motivated, and inspired. Watch your highfliers on the climbing wall, or see who braves the leap of faith, or help your students conquer a group task. During your action-packed day, we can provide snacks and a nutritious lunch to fuel your students.

Session 1 Problem Solving
Session 2 High Ropes
Session 3 Low Ropes
Snack Time
Session 4 Survival Challenge

Adventure Residentials

Our residential courses really get students stepping outside their comfort zone, under the watchful eyes of our facilitators who will push the students to discover new strengths and skills.

Our two-to-five-day courses develop confidence and trust within the group. Our combination of carefully selected activity sessions will see students face the physical challenge of the ropes courses and mental challenges of solving problems in the great outdoors. With the emphasis firmly on having fun and acquiring new skills, the students will also learn to work together to enjoy a range of adventure experiences.

Designed to promote achievement in the outdoors, the activities each make use of the natural environment and students will be encouraged to celebrate and enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Through the physical challenge of the ropes courses to the mental challenges of solving problems in the great outdoors, students will work together and have fun while enjoying a range of adventure experiences.

We’ll work alongside you to build a programme that challenges and stimulates your students, taking careful consideration of their age and abilities.

Arrive Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Session 1 Introduction to the Centre Archery High Beams Gladiator Challenge Night Line
Snack Time Snack Time Snack Time Snack Time Snack Time
Session 2 Leap of Fatih Low Level Team Challenge Camouflage & Concealment Hiking Extreme Problem Solving
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Session 3 Problem Solving Balance Beam Crate Stack Survival Bracelets High All Aboard
Session 4 Fire Lighting & Shelter Building Traverse Wall & Slacking Buggy Build Scenario SOS Depart
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Session 5 Evening Games Bonfire Night Woodland Walk Marshmallow Toasting


A variety of accommodation options are available for your group:

Tented Village

Students will sleep in large bell tents, each accommodating up to 10, with separate staff tents adjacent. Clustered around a yurt with central campfire they are excellent for building a real sense of adventure out in the woods

Pod Village

10 newly constructed 4-berth pods, with adjacent staff pods with a dedicated toilet and shower block. Ideal for slightly younger groups and staff INSET.

Dormitory Accommodation

Superb en-suite student rooms (5 x 8 bed, 1 x 6 bed), plus 2 x twin bunk en-suite staff rooms. Fantastic for the colder months, younger groups, and staff events


The emphasis at Cuffley is on providing well-sourced, healthy and nutritious food that promotes wellbeing and gives the essential fuel to enable the students and staff to perform at their peak. Served either in our spacious refectory or on camp, we will cater for all dietary requirements. For day courses we can provide snacks and lunches on request.

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